Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tales of the Wolfman

Boy if it hasn't been forever and a day here on the old blog.  Time to dust off some cobwebs and get things moving and shaking again.

I'm here to let you guys know about our exciting new project, "Tales of the Wolfman".  It's a project that will have several artist and writers do their take on the Wolfman and his crazy married life.  The book will be in black and white with a color cover, just like the other books in the series, only this one will be perfect bound.  It will feature the works of talented creators Justin Casteneda, Dave Scheidt, Lee O'Hanlon, Angel Onofre, Ali Cantarella, Tony Maldonado, Greg Sorkin, Lauren Burke, Brian Babendererde, Sara Mundt and Wil Brendel, to name a few.  The front cover will be by Rene Castellano with a back cover by animators, Catherine and Sarah Satrun.  So please, drop on by and help us make this an reality.


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