Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Distant Collected

This year we at Instant Press Comics will not just be celebrating our 10th anniversary, but also the 5th anniversary of our best selling title, Distant. For the past four years we've been selling several sets of the popular mini series at conventions and the fans have been asking for a collected edition. To celebrate the 5th year, we are going to finally collect all four issues and the FCBD ashcan "Not So Distant" under one cover. There will also be new pinups as well as new illustrations by Manuel Preitano. Look forward to this collected volume in March of 2012 for just $9.95. You can check out the official site for more information and also on how to order your very own copy.

Instant Press Comics

Sunday, January 1, 2012

10 Years Of Instant Press Comics

Happy New Year to everybody out there.

This year is a special year for Instant Press Comics. We are celebrating 10 years of publishing! Keep an eye here as we let you know where we will be signing at and what goodies we have coming out for the celebration.

Without a doubt we will be celebrating the fifth year of Distant, our most popular title here. For the first time, we will be collecting all 4 issues, not to mention Not-So-Distant, the free mini comic giveaway as well as pinups new and old and a brand new wraparound cover. We'll give you more details on that as it becomes available.

Further more, we'll be putting together for the first time in 10 years an annual book. That's right. This year we'll have Instant Press 2012 for sale. It's going to feature, as the original book did, new short stories from all the creators at Instant Press Comics. We'll have Starbomb, WhiteKnife, Laundry Detergent Man, Unit 1, Dorks and everybody's favorite, The Wolfman. We're all excited about this one. After 10 years we're going to get it right once again.

So there you have it. As the year goes we'll post more news on what's to be expected. For those of you waiting on the edge of your seats after the exciting cliffhanger in Starbomb issue 2 you'll be happy to know that issue 3 is being worked on and we'll have that out too.