Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dan Con Highlights

It's official. The convention season has started for Instant Press. This was the first year for Dan Con and I must say it was a fantastic show for a first timer. It had everything for everyone and the atmosphere was really great. Dan was a wonderful host and his helpers were just that. They made sure that everybody was doing well and hydrated. Here are some highlights for Instant Press and of the Dan Con itself:

Instant Press set up and ready to goJimmy "The Muscle" muscles a signature from
Bride of the Wolfman creator David GrubaPhoenix stops by to Vanna White our Wolfman display

Some Instant Press sketch cards drawn by Rene Castellano
From Left to Rite: Wolfman; Girl; NinaPhoenix Plays a game of Deal or No Deal with her lovely
assistant, James Nurss of First Aid ComicsNo Con is complete without a drawing for the fans

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